Child Custody lawyer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Tuscaloosa Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Joshua J. Swords, Attorney at Law, has experience working hard for clients with child custody issues. He’ll explain to you how private investigators, temporary orders, mediation, psychologists, your child’s attorney, discovery, judge and jury final trials all fit in.

We also represent clients seeking a modification or change in custody due to a change in circumstances, including relocation or because of an unsafe environment. Perhaps you need to go for custody because the other parent is pushing your children away from you. Mr. Swords also helps you with visitation issues, including establishing parenting plans, parenting or visitation schedules, and modifications to possession based on the best interest of your child and what you want for them. Mr. Swords can help as long as your child has not reached the age of 18. We help establish parental rights, grandparent rights, and stepparent rights.

Contact Joshua J. Swords, Attorney at Law, if you have a child custody or child possession issue in Tuscaloosa, and want experienced custody and parenting representation. Schedule your confidential consultation to discuss how we can put our man years of family law experience to work for you.

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