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Effective representation in adoption, guardianship, conservatorship, paternity, grandparents’ rights and civil protection orders

Since the law firm's inception, Joshua J. Swords has focused on resolving challenging family law issues for clients in Tuscaloosa. Mr. Swords offers practical, strategic advice on all types of family law matters. Because he believes that your legal representation should not become a financial burden, our law firm takes efficient, cost-effective actions to give you the best results for a reasonable price.

When you face a difficult family law issue, having professional, assertive legal counsel can make all the difference. Our attorneys can resolve your complex problems involving the following:

Adoptions — Adopting a child is one of the most important decisions you may make in your life. Our law firm guides you through the process to prevent problems and ensure that the adoption goes smoothly. We take care of the legal issues so you can concentrate on welcoming your new family member.

Guardianship — When disabled or incapacitated loved ones cannot take care of themselves, their family members may consider petitioning the court for guardianship. As a guardian, you can assist your loved one with getting adequate day-to-day care, medical treatment, housing, clothes and food. Our attorneys explain the requirements and help you make the right choice for your family member.

Conservatorship — If your loved one cannot make vital financial decisions because of incapacity or a disability, you may consider petitioning the court for conservatorship to protect and manage the family member’s assets. Our lawyers can request both conservatorship and guardianship in the same proceedings to reduce your expenses.

Paternity — Our law firm can help a father prove his paternity, defend a man against allegations of paternity or represent a mother to prove the father’s paternity. In addition, we assist you with establishing your child support or visitation rights.

Grandparents’ rights — To help you maintain the precious relationship you have with your grandchildren, Mr. Swords fights for your visitation rights. He can also advise you on pursuing a parenting power of attorney, guardianship or adoption to obtain legal rights to care for your grandchildren.

Civil protection orders — Mr. Swords can help you obtain legal protections to empower you to escape domestic violence. He assists you through the process of petitioning the court for a civil protection order that requires your abuser to remain away from you and your family. In addition, Mr. Swords advises you on related matters concerning your domestic situation, such as divorce, child custody and visitation.

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